Benefits of Google Business View for Any Company

Using Google Business View to get more business

Everyone has heard, seen, and talked about the amazing Google and it’s Street View maps technology. After all, they are amazing. Where else can you literally walk around streets anywhere in the world as though you are really there? And now business owners can tap into that viral street view concept, and show off their business interiors and locations, as a 3D panoramic view using Google Business View.

By presenting the world with a 3D tour via Google Maps Business View, you can literally bring your business to life online. The benefits of a 360 degree interactive tour of your business on both Google properties, and your website allowing customers to explore are many.

Although the service is obviously appealing for businesses that are naturally visual such as restaurants, bars, car showrooms and night clubs. Any business can make use of this new, and innovative marketing tool to bring in new business.

Google is easily the number one search engine worldwide with over 100 Billion searches every month. Every search is a perfect opportunity for you to reach consumers when they’re most engaged. This is why you need to embrace the internet and Google Business View.

The service will get you a 360 Degree Virtual Tour binging an interactive 360 degree virtual tour of your business using Google’s StreetView technology. You will also get a Professional Photo Gallery consisting of over 10 stunning professional photographs to present, and showcase your business to customers.

And if you need some more reasons to order the service right now, then here they are:-

More Exposure on Googles Search Engine
Most people now look for businesses and services using Google. Your panoramic virtual tour along with stunning photographs will be presented to users on Google search, Google business, Google Maps, and your Google+ page. This will help you stand out from your competitors online, attract more customers, and gain an advantage over the competition.

Get Discovered more easily
Your Google virtual tour will appear in more than Google Maps, it will also be shown in organic Google search and on your Google+ Local page. Additionally, you virtual tour can also be embedded to your webpages and social media outlets such as Facebook.   With four access points to your virtual tour (organic search, Google+, Google Maps, Pegman) it’s nearly impossible for Google users to miss it!

Attract More Customers
Did you know that 97% of customers search the web first for a local business before they decide who to use. With Google Business View, you gain a significant advantage against your competitors. Because potential customers can see inside your business it gives them an added level of confidence. It is a proven fact that images make a significant impact on decision making by consumers when researching local business services. By giving your customers what they want, you provide a virtual tour that is both informative as well as entertaining giving you an extra marketing boost that your competitors dont have.

Convert Browsers into Customers
Studies have shown that 59% of customers visit a business within the same day of their search, and that 18% of local searches lead to a purchase within the same day. A case study for a NYC Restaurant found that out of 1300 customers surveyed, 84% said that Business View played a factor in their choice of restaurant. Another study by Leekes furnishing store found a 20% increase of in-store traffic following their tour, proving that Google Business View virtual tours bring more business.

Drive Engagement and Encourage Positive Reviews
With all these extra customers you will receive extra interaction with your business listing receives as it receives more traffic. This extra engagement will result in more customers leaving reviews of your business. The chances are that because customers have pre-checked you via the virtual tour, the reviews will be positive.

Very Affordable
The Google Business View service is very inexpensive and a great marketing tool. The virtual tour costs less than what many businesses spend on a newspaper ad, and as the tour is hosted by Google forever, it is a no-brainer with zero recurring fees. The low one-time investment is an amazing bargain for a service that will last forever.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get started.