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Using Google Business View to Increase Sales

Using Google Business View to Increase Sales

October 30, 2014

Google Street View is a brilliant idea that brings the entire world into your front room. You can virtually travel the world’s network of roads, look around interesting (and not so interesting) buildings, and see the wonders of nature on a screen near you. But now Street View has evolved from the streets and has moved to local businesses. Now any local business can showcase their buildings, products, and interiors to show customers and internet browsers what they are missing.

google business views increase salesBut there are other benefits as well. A virtual 360-degree tour can also increase your bottom line by bringing more customers and sales to you. By having additional content within the Google pages, you will increase views to your Google plus page, maps, and business listing, as all these pages link straight to your website you will see as increase in click-through traffic to your site.

Once the virtual tour has been uploaded to Google, you will get more exposure in Google’s search engine which will display a “see inside” link when your company is searched for. You will also get the virtual tour and photos on your Google Plus page and on Google Maps.

As a consequence of this added exposure, you will get more click-throughs to your website, and people viewing your premises online, the natural result will be more enquiries and sales and an increase in your search engine position as well. If you are yet to set-up a Google Business page and Google Plus page then read our tutorial and get it done as soon as possible. It will increase the number of visitors to your website – Guaranteed, oh and it’s totally free.

If you need any help or advice with setting up your business thenn please contact us or pick up the phone and we will happily advise you through the process. There really is no excuse to keep pontificating, thinking or dithering. Just start doing.


admin on November 11, 2014 AT 09 am

Don’t forget, we can also help setup your Google Plus page and help with SEO.

    R. James on November 12, 2014 AT 04 am

    This seems like a great idea but can i take my own panorama shots and upload to Google myself?

      admin on March 11, 2015 AT 05 pm

      Unfortunately you cannot take and upload photos yourself to Google for business views as Google only allow trained photographers with the correct equipment and software knowledge.