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Google Business View – A 360º tour of your business across Google

What is Google Business View Street View | Trusted

Everyone knows about Google Maps and its Street View feature. However many business owners are still unaware of Google’s new interior panoramic 360 tours powered by the Google Maps Business View Photos program (soon to be rebranded Street View | Trusted). Launched in 2013, Google Maps Business View uses the same concept and technology as the Street View service and already has thousands of UK virtual tours online.

Google Business View

Our Service

In a nutshell our service will create an interactive 360 degree virtual tour of your business premises online using state-of-the-art technology, allowing existing customers and prospects to visit you from anywhere in the world 24/7. We also take a number of professional photographs, add the tour and pictures to your Google+ page and can even place them on your own website in a product that is professional, productive and very affordable.

Google Business View has a number of benefits and will bring your business to life! Customers and prospects can take a 360-degree interactive tour of all or parts of your business premises. It lets consumers ‘virtually’ visit your company on a PC or mobile device, and take a look inside, using a new dynamic, and high-impact form of virtual advertising.

Whatever business you own, you will benefit from a virtual presence online, as people buy products and services with their eyes first. Google Maps Business View will result in a marked improvement for any business, as this virtual marketing tool improves your profile, brand, and search engine rankings.

The obvious candidates are those places that are designed with walk-in customers in miond such as restaurants, bars, hotels, Country clubs, gyms, retail shops, salons, car showrooms, event companies, commercial properties, colleges, universities, galleries, museums, resorts, spas etc.

Once your tour has been photographed along with a set of professional Points of Interest business pictures, they can easily be used on your website, and also on social media pages and in other advertising. The exciting Google 360º tour really enhances our online presence showcasing your premises in a truly interactive way. The virtual tour will feature in Google Maps, Google+ and can easily be embedded directly into website pages and social media sites, making your business look more professional and acting as an amazing sales tool.

Benefits of Google Business View

Benefits of Google Business View

Benefits to your Business

Stay ahead of the competition

we will shoot a 360 degree virtual tour, add them to google servers and maps and your Google + Local page making finding your business easier. Simple. And they can be embedded into a website in couple of minutes.

Improved Presentation of your business online

Google Business Photos will showcase your business on the internet and enhance your search engine presence across Google Search, Google Plus, and Google Maps.

Attract new online customers

Interactive features make it easy to for potential customers to understand who you are. Customers who find you online to walk through, explore and take a closer look at your business. They can literally walk straight from the street into your place and browse around from their PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Photo gallery (Points of Interest)

A set of professional photos of the best features of your business, including its frontage, interior, branding and key products and services. All uploaded to Google and all yours to use in your own marketing.

Improved Search Results

Your Essex Google Business View will improve your Google search results, making you stand out from the competition. On search results Google will add a more prominent ‘See Inside’ search result to businesses that have a virtual tour. Your tour and professional stills will be set-up on your Google Plus business page which is linked to your Google search engine rankings, so this will help enhance your rankings.You will gain more local exposure in search engines and stand out in the lsitings attracting more customers, and driving traffic to your website giving you an advantage over the local competition.

Enhanced Google+ Local page

Make more of Google+, the world’s largest social network after Facebook and increasingly where people go to discover, share and review brands and businesses.
Your FREE Business Google+ Local page contains the ‘Google Virtual Tour’ and ‘Point Of Interest’ photographs for the whole World to see ! Your Google+ Local Business page looks after the virtual tour and point of interest photographs so there are no ongoing fees or costs. Google host it all for a very reasonable one off fee that works out far more cost effective than any other form of advertising.

Maximise your Google Maps listing

Google Maps is the biggest and most visited online map, and will do so much more than just show where you are. We add attractive images to your map listing and the tour gives people the chance to virtually step inside. your Business Google Maps Listing appear with the Google Business View Virtual Tour and 10 to 15 static photographs of your business. Maximise the visibility of your business now!

Showcasing your business 24/7

Your interactive 360 degree virtual tour lets potential customers to look around your business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from anywhere. Meaning you are promoting your business at all hours, and generating the ‘wow’ factor amongst your client base.

Embed in Social Media

You can easily embed your Google Business View Virtual tour into your Facebook page, blog, and on your Twitter page gaining you more potential visitors, Likes and social mentions (an important part of improving search engine rankings).


How does the process work?

After speaking to you and possibly making a site visit, we just mutually arrange a date and time for the shoot. We will arrive at your premises with our camera and tripod set-up. We then shoot the film, edit, upload and publish to your Google+ page and maps. We then email links to you to embed the virtual tour and view/download your photos.

How long will it take?

In general we will be on your premises for between 1-2 hours deopending on the number of panoramas required. The end result be online within a few days to a couple of weeks.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £200 and depending on the size of the tour.

Are there discounts if I have more than one business or am a charity?

Yes. If you have more than one location we can offer discounts when booked at the same time. Charities please contact us for more information.