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How To Embed Your Google Maps Virtual Tour onto Your Website

May 29, 2015

Embedding Your Google Virtual Tour to your Website

Once you have had your virtual tour photographed, uploaded and made live, you will (quite rightly) want to share it with everyone. Your tour will automatically be live and looking fantastic on Google Maps, Google search and on your Google Plus listing, and now you can let visitors to your own website and social pages that snazzy virtual tour too.

And the good news is that embedding a Google Virtual Tour is very easy to do, just follow our easy instructions and you can integrate your virtual tour into your website in no time.

1. First thing to do is load up your Virtual tour from your Google plus or from Google Maps pages, then you can use the default starting point or you can navigate to where you would like the tour to start. You could use this feature to show different areas of your business on seperate pages of your website.

2. Next click the small ‘link’ icon just to the top left side of your tour

3. Choose size from small, medium, large or custom. Then copy the embed code from the box as shown below.

Easily embed your Google virtual tour straight to your website

Easily embed your Google virtual tour straight to your website


Now you can paste the embed code straight into the html of the webpage where you want visitors to see your virtual tour to show, then upload the page and you’re done.